Spammers are dump

Long time no post, but actual events show that there is need for a new post.


In the last few weeks the amount of spam and thus the workload for the active admins (K-J, fitoschido, Eric, myself) got high for deleting spam and blocking these accounts.


As this was too time consuming (~12 pages per day), I had to thing about another solution.


Luckily I have some experience with the extension “AbuseFilters”. The result of our new AbuseFilter 67 are impressive:


The result of two days active filter is great.

Statistics: Of the last 636 actions, this filter has matched 25 (3.93%).

(actions == User creation, page moves,  page deletions, edits, changing user rights, etc.)


The logic behind this filter is rather easy:

  • all new accounts (0 edits),
  • edits which want to be done in the User:-Namespace
  • a new page should be created
  • the page content does not start with TDF

if these criteria are valid, then the user has to click again on save. If that happens (and the actual spammer show that they do not read or at least do not hit save again) then the user gets automatically blocked.


New valid users do get a warning, both then they try to edit the USer-namespace above (see ) but also as a warning when asking to hit save again.


We – TDF wiki admins – do follow edits (see screenshot above) which got prevented by this filter and check for false positives.

Spammers are dump

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