Editing Tabs

Since the last MediaWiki major update some “tabs” above the editing text fields were “gone”. I was asked by Pierre-Yves if these can be restored. Actually I had no clue and by accident I found out that our friends at WikiApiary do have them activated by default. So it is indeed possible. The hint on their mailing list didn’t helped very much except getting the LocalSettings.config (the config file of MediaWiki storing all custom options). At the end I was playing in the user preferences in the wiki itself and found out that it can be turned on in the user preferences under Editing: “Enable side-by-side preview“.

And the result looks like that: (the red border displays the reappearance of the tabs)

2015-11-16 23_53_46-Start


Hopefully I can improve your wiki experience. 😉

Editing Tabs

HotCat finally installed

I wanted really to improve our actual category system on the TDF wiki, but there were many reasons I did not. One of the reasons was that we don’t have any tools installed which help the user (including myself) and you have to do it “the old way” using the source code knowing the actual category.

We had already the Extension:Gadgets installed and thus I simply imported the description and the Wikipedia Gadget HotCat. 🙂 It is disabled by default. You simply have to go to [[Special:Preferences]], click on the tab Gadgets and activate HotCat.

Afterwards when visiting a page you will see at the bottom a Plus sign (+). When you click that you can easily (with suggestions!) add new categories. 🙂

For more information about this Gadget simply read Wikipedia’s manual.

If you want more or other features installed, simply ping me. Most are very easy to install and I’m very happy if I can help you to improve our wiki. 😉

HotCat finally installed

new extension: CodeMirror

A week ago I was trying to configure (again) the visual editor correctly to get it working. Sadly this is a beast and the documentation is not ideal. Especially with the actual server situation.

After giving up and somehow by accident I found a rather new extension called CodeMirrow. This extension adds syntax highlight while editing a wiki article. We quickly notice some non functional “show changes” and “preview”. A bug ticket at Wikimedia’s Phabricator (T116829) was really fast resolved. 🙂

If you do not want to use that feature, simply click on the colorful circles in the WikiEditor bar.

So as always: If you want to have a “special” extension installed, or believe that you found a bug, simply send me a mail. 😉

new extension: CodeMirror