Changes at TDFWIKI

Hi everybody,

the last few days I was working hard on the TDF servers improving our infrastructure to get “things” better working than before. 😉

Some achievements of the last few days:

  • a clean server folder structure for our extensions (including deleting unused ones)
  • a working WikiEditor 🙂 including image loading
  • image loading for the extension Math
  • resources loading for our extension bugzilla integration
  • smaller changesets pushed upstream to the official bugzilla repository
  • better internal infra-documentation 🙂
  • pushed robinson as long as he finally pull-requested his commit there
    • and found a small bug I might to resolve when his commit gets accepted
  • preparing the upgrade to mediawiki 1.25 (esp. documentation)
  • going back with the syntaxhighlight as the version for mediawiki 1.24 has known outstanding bugs (which are resolved for 1.25)
  • found out that many calls in our simplefeed extension (used for the EasyHack pages) are depreacated 😦
    • starting to improve the extension
    • you can help at github!
  • requested a documentation for postfix for the BounceHandler extension (see Wikimedia’s Phabricator)

Really a long list. The best news is that our server logs do not filling with masses of log entries since Aarhus (well except when playing around again :-p)

I will post new updates in the next few days about the changes on the wiki.


Changes at TDFWIKI

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