A week ago I rejected a request at Redmine#1514 by Samuel Mehrbrodt. He requested a change in the wiki configuration so that double clicking on a text in the wiki don’t bring you  to the edit field of that section. I rejected the ticket because there is an option in the user preferences to disable that “feature”.

As Florian suggested I started a thread at the website mailing list requesting more input (see archives if you are not subscribed). Feel free to comment either at the website mailing list or at the Redmine ticket.

PS: I have added a new FAQ page how to create a page containing an OpenStreetMap map.


Better Wiki Integration

Today Thorsten had a wonderful idea: Can we integrate dynamic maps to our events and hackfest pages in the TDFWIKI? Yes, of course we can. I even found a few minutes today to search for an extension and as it was a nobrainer, I quickly installed the extension MapSources. A few edits later I could easily use the new syntax to include a map to CIB Hamburg where the next hackfest will take place.

The wiki FAQ has to be expanded, but I won’t have the time to do this within the next few day. 😦

You can see a “live demo” of the new map feature at and I hope that many other pages will use that feature. 😉

By the way: I missed such a dynamic map feature at our conference page. Maybe we will be able to integrate a similar service for the next year. Andreas is always looking for helping hands. Get Plone and help him. 😉

Better Wiki Integration

feed reader extensions for MediaWiki

TLDR: the TDF wiki switched it’s web feed aggregator extension with a slightly different markup.

The last week I was analyzing the feed aggregator extensions for MediaWiki as our existing extension “SimpleFeed” is throwing many, many, many errors when turning the debug modus from MediaWiki on, has problems with HTTP redirects and additional the used version of the framework SimplePie isn’t any longer supported. 😦 I had to check if it is easier to get the SimpleFeed extension up-to-date or to switch the extension to an supported extension and (possibly) migrate the existing markup to the new one.

When analyzing the many extensions listed at, I realized that there are two kind of web feed extensions: the ones which display a feed and the ones which generates a feed.

The feature sets for feed aggregators are mostly identical, but when checking the pages I noticed that most extensions are without a maintainer (like SimpleFeed) or are forks from each other (or simply both).

I really invested much time to get through the extensions listed at

At the end I had to create a list (a Calc sheet ;-)) of extensions listing the differences (not in features sets, but in server requirements, licenses, code availability, etc.). The sad result is that there is only one extension which is still maintained – because it was heavily forked (and now combined in a single fork called Extension:RSS) and it is also used at itself. The LibreOffice Calc sheet is attached and licensed under CC-0. (had to be a Hybrid-PDF as ods aren’t allowed to upload at stupid WordPress!) File:RSS-Extensions.pdf (hybrid ods file)

After deploying the extension and migrating the existing pages from SimpleFeed to Extension:RSS I found the first (minor) bug and just reported it to Phabricator (Wikimedia’s bug tracker) T115232. The bug I found is at one of our EasyHacks pages which transcludes a list of easy Hacks filled at bugzilla. In that special case the feed is displaying an error message as there are no bugs at bugzilla with that filter although the atom feed is valid. 😉

At the end I do want to thank the incredible work of the volunteers (and bots) at WikiAPIAry as they really help MediaWiki administrator to know if an extension (or skin) is used at the newest MediaWiki (and PHP) versions and how many wikis out there do rely on an certain extension. 🙂



feed reader extensions for MediaWiki

Changes at TDFWIKI

Hi everybody,

the last few days I was working hard on the TDF servers improving our infrastructure to get “things” better working than before. 😉

Some achievements of the last few days:

  • a clean server folder structure for our extensions (including deleting unused ones)
  • a working WikiEditor 🙂 including image loading
  • image loading for the extension Math
  • resources loading for our extension bugzilla integration
  • smaller changesets pushed upstream to the official bugzilla repository
  • better internal infra-documentation 🙂
  • pushed robinson as long as he finally pull-requested his commit there
    • and found a small bug I might to resolve when his commit gets accepted
  • preparing the upgrade to mediawiki 1.25 (esp. documentation)
  • going back with the syntaxhighlight as the version for mediawiki 1.24 has known outstanding bugs (which are resolved for 1.25)
  • found out that many calls in our simplefeed extension (used for the EasyHack pages) are depreacated 😦
    • starting to improve the extension
    • you can help at github!
  • requested a documentation for postfix for the BounceHandler extension (see Wikimedia’s Phabricator)

Really a long list. The best news is that our server logs do not filling with masses of log entries since Aarhus (well except when playing around again :-p)

I will post new updates in the next few days about the changes on the wiki.


Changes at TDFWIKI